Bringing Families Together One Bottle at a Time

5Fludds Sauce, where we help bring the modern family back to the Sunday dinner table with this exceptional sauce. Born in 1983 by the hands of an intelligent, southern-born father, 5Fludds Sauce is synonymous with family, tradition, and love. Overcoming challenges in the rough ghettos of Cleveland, our patriarch, the creator of this flavorsome sauce demonstrated leadership and unity within his family circle, eventually moving us to a middle- class neighborhood for his children’s education.

For decades, the sacred recipe was enjoyed amongst the family relatives, friends, and church
members with its rich flavor. Despite dreams of opening a family restaurant, we spent this time
perfecting the sauce.

After our patriarch's passing in 2016, the remaining Fludd family members decided to honor his legacy by bottling and sharing the sauce with the world. All the while paying tribute to our roots and continuing to support causes that embody our patriarch’s values: education opportunities for underserved young black men and women and strengthening black families and all families at a grassroots level.

Though our patriarch is no longer physically with us, his spirit lives on as Fludd #1, with our mother, Jacquelyn (Jackie) as Fludd #2, their daughter Nevette as Fludd #3, their son Jake Fludd III as Fludd #4, and their granddaughter Jailynn completing the 5Fludds family as Fludd #5.

Together, we invite you to experience the essence of our culture, family traditions, and togetherness by enjoying this sauce. We are all about family and we want you to join our family today because this is “More than a sauce, IT‘S A CONNECTION!“

Sauce with Guiding Principles

Our Mission

Our mission is to help build communities one meal at a time.

Our Values

Guided by our Core Values, 5Fludds Sauce seeks in all we do to enable and encourage strong men to be the backbone of their homes and communities. When strong fathers or father figures are actively involved in their homes and communities, children are 2 times more likely to go to college. College graduates are almost 50% more likely to have regular family dinners. The Fludd Family believes our sauce is more than just a condiment; it holds the power to bring families back to the Sunday dinner table. We believe in delivering exceptional quality BBQ sauce that uses real ingredients and prioritizes the well-being of our family, friends, and consumers. Which provides one less barrier to a healthy and well-balanced family.

Our Commitment

Community is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to supporting and enriching the communities where we live and work. Whether it's through local partnerships, charitable donations, or community events, we strive to make a positive impact wherever we go.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help nurture families and communities through the bond of breaking bread.